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Give your students the best opportunity to grow. 

Young adulthood is a time of many questions. Help your students learn to look within themselves for answers and make decisions about their future that they can be proud of.


I will help your students to

  • Decide about future study/career path
  • Overcome difficult situations at home / in school
  • Create trust in oneself (in opposition to false confidence)
  • Work effectively with emotions
  • Discover healthy boundaries
  • Understand oneself
  • Build relationships (family, friends, romantic partners…)

… and more, depending on the individual needs.

Coaching the school staff

Support your employees' development. I work with clients on any topic that arises. That can include dealing with stress and challenging situations with students, colleagues, or in a household.

I help clients develop their toolbox of techniques for self-management, time and energy management, and overall well-being. 

"I experience Marta as a very professional, kind and mindful coach who has helped me arrive at extremely positive outcomes. She has worked with me in the role as a coach and as an accountability partner which has felt beautifully supportive and empowering."

Ian Robertson
Senior HR Consultant for Learning and Development, City of Edinburgh Council, FCIPD.

"Miss Štolfová is a very kind and emphatic person. She has the ability to totally dive into your "story" and what I really appreciated is that she is eager to help you find the solution or way how to do things. I enjoyed the fact that I was not rushed anywhere and she provided a great amount of patience, support, and time to think things through. It was a joy to talk to her."

Katarína Čelková
English Teacher

“With Marta, I've found a way to go deeper into clarity and awareness. I experienced a shift in terms of courage to explore intense emotions. I have more clarity, more confidence, more desire and courage to explore dark zones that create discomfort for me. I have worked on the relationship with my mother, which was okay at the beginning and is now exciting.”

Pat Simonini
Music Producer & Art and Performance Coach

“When I met Marta, I had two jobs, was exhausted and on the edge of burnout. Marta helped me to slow down, connect with myself and realise what was most important to me. Thanks to her, I got the courage to face an uncomfortable situation and stand up for myself."

Andrea Chmielová

"I must honestly say that Marta surprised me in a very positive way. After a session, I was able to realize the facts that had been holding me back in many decisions in my life for a long time. After the conversation, I gained much more inner strength and energy to move my dreams forward. Through the coaching, I found within myself a roadmap for moving closer to what fulfills me as a person."

Markéta Vitásková
Mum in Marketing

"Marta coaches with great naturalness. She knows how to tune in deeply to others. She guides you to your own answers that liberate and show the potential of the situation. I always leave a session with her with clarity in my mind and joy in my heart."

Adéla Dragounová

"Coaching with Marta brought order to chaotic topics in my life and calmed me. I liked the space she gave me to think for myself. The coaching pushed me in the right direction. I recommend getting coached by her."

Veronika Ligocká
Office Manager

"Marta guided me through an NLP method. Thanks to this, I became aware of my next steps and, most importantly - what I want my inner settings to be, which will help me on my journey, so I don't get lost in conflicting information. I am now more balanced and calmer."

Libuše Šťastná
Life Coach in Training

Price and conditions

We will meet and discuss your needs and expectations. I will create a tailor-made program for you, which can include a combination of 1on1 coaching, group workshops, and additional educational materials (e.g., video lessons on a given topic). It is possible to get a discounted sample session /workshop to get a taste of my approach.


Coaching Session (50 minutes) …………………………………………………….. 2.400 CZK / 100 EUR

I will create a program to suit your needs, which may include a combination of individual and group settings. The final price and duration of the sessions are subject to our mutual agreement.


Depending on the agreement, I work either online or on-site at your company.


Coaching can take place in four languages: English, Spanish, Czech, and Slovak.