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A women’s mastermind

From your calling to your first client

I invite you to join a ten-week journey of consciously building your soulpreneurial confidence

Purpose – Confidence – Freedom

When you’re alone, the inner voices tell you that you’re not good enough, that you need more years of experience, that there are more important things in life than money, and so on… Am I right?

I created this mastermind to connect a small group of women who are dealing with similar issues as you so that you can enrich and support each other on your journey to success.

I work with women at the beginning of their entrepreneurial journey. I’ve observed that a recurring factor that keeps women stuck is missing self-confidence.

Therefore this will be the topic that will lay the foundation for your transformation into a confident woman who offers her gifts to the world with ease and grace, and allows herself to receive money in return.

· What to expect ·

You will connect to yourself and the vision of who you want to become.

You will become aware of what is standing in the way of successfully realising this. Based on this, you will choose the appropriate steps the group will support you in taking.

You will rewrite your limiting beliefs and set your mind to support you.

You will find out who is the right client for your services, create your offer, confidently stick a price tag on it, and find your first client.

You will learn the technique of ethical and confident selling. I know that asking for money for your services is a major female topic. I’ll teach you how to sell with love, so you never feel like you’re annoying anyone with your offer.

You will become a woman who easily offers her gifts to the world and allows herself to receive money for them.

You will leave this program stronger than you entered it.

· Who will be your guide ·

Marta Štolfová

I have been coaching since 2018 and am constantly adding to my education and experience in this field. I enjoy it. It is my life.

I primarily work with women at the beginning of their business careers. I feel it is my mission.

I believe that achieving a more peaceful world is based on women taking their power into their own hands, standing up for themselves and taking part of the initiative that determines the course of humanity.

Thank you for contributing to this too!

· Schedule ·

After filling out the application form, you will have a call with me to see if the program is a good fit for you. I select the women for the program personally. I want to ensure that what the program offers and the company is what you need and expect.

After you pay for the program, you will get access to a closed Facebook group.

The ten-week program starts on 9/26/2022

Each Monday, I will post a short video lesson for that week in the group.

Every Thursday or Friday (we’ll find a date that works for everyone), we’ll get together online for 90 minutes. You can bring your questions and challenges to this call, and I will coach or consult you on them.

· Why opt for a group programme ·

Best price

A similar 1:1 personal support
would cost you 2.000 EUR.



Someone asks a question you wouldn't have thought of, but it might be just what you needed to hear.


You will make new friends on the same path as you, with whom you will motivate each other.

· Structure ·

  • 10 group online calls (approx. 90 min.) – coaching and mentoring in a small group
  • 10 video lectures on a current topic (always according to the needs of the women in the group)
  • One 1:1 coaching session with an opportunity to rewrite subconscious beliefs using the PSYCH-KⓇ method
  • Support group chat
  • My consistent support throughout the course – coaching and consultation via chat, tailored video lessons, answers to your questions



· Price ·

400 €
340 €*

*Early bird price until 9/9/2022

· Q&A ·

Coaching calls once a week will take approximately 90 minutes. The video lesson will be around 10 minutes long. Depending on what arises, you may want to dedicate time to exercises or incorporate new rituals into your daily life.
All the time you invest in the program is an investment in your future.

I select the women for the program to create a supportive group. At the same time, I know I can make a safe space for sharing. You can trust me that if I feel the group or program would not be a good fit for you, I will tell you during the introductory call after you sign up. It is in my interest for the group to function well.

Because this is a tiny group of about four women, we will choose a time to call together that works for everyone. In this mastermind, you can count on a very individual approach and an almost tailor-made program.


A mastermind for conscious, business-minded women

From your calling to your first client